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Windy City Linen 


This was a newsletter campaign I created for spring 2021 as events are slowly starting to come back into play. The newsletter was positioned just before Mother's Day and offered a nudge to Windy City Linen's customer base to start planning small and safe events for Mother's day and other spring celebrations. With each of the sections is a corresponding landing page where customers can not only inquire about linen for their event but there is also a small inspiration board as well as add-on suggestions from other event vendors in the Chicagoland area. Click the images to view the live email campaign as well as the landing pages on Windy City Linen's website.

WCL Newsletter-03.png

Mother's Day

Landing Page

WCL Landing Page 1-04.png

Spring Gathering

Landing Page

WCL landing Page 2-05.png

Outdoor Events

Landing Page

WCL Landing Page3-06.png
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