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How to Make Old Content New Again

While many of us know that consistent blogging is best practice, it’s difficult to produce masses of content. Creating content regularly isn’t only useful in keeping your business top of mind to your clients and customers, but it also keeps you current with search engines. Not all of your blog posts need to be brand new original content detailing the latest news in your industry or every minute trend. You can take advantage of content you’ve already produced and revamp it. Maximize on the content you’ve already created and revamp with these tips.

Tailor it for the Times

Take a look back in your blog archive. Chances are there is content you have already created that is still relevant, you may just need to modernize some key details. The bones are there, just add some meat to them. If you published a blog in January 2019 about the features of Instagram, your post is now wildly outdated. Technology is adapting daily and therefore your content should reflect that. Add in a bit on new features and capabilities of tech you reviewed years ago. Detail how mainstream these once new concepts currently are and how they are used today.

There's also potential to revamp your content using the "pandemic pivot." We are all well aware that day-to-day life has drastically changed in the last year. Schools and businesses were forced to transition into hybrid or fully virtual systems and restaurants were forced to scramble to digitize their food service. Are you an event planner? Take an old blog post and revitalize it with current safety protocols for in-person events or put the focus on planning a virtual event. Take advantage of the changing landscape of pretty much everything, even if only for the sake of revamping content.

Adjust your Keywords

While seasoned copywriters live and breath keyword research and implementation, for those juggling the many hats of a content producer at a small business keywords often fall secondary to the sexier aspects of content creation (Instagram, Tik Tok, graphics).

Perhaps the first time a blog was produced, keywords weren't researched at all. Free tools like Wordtracker let you search for like keywords and view the volume at which they are searched and how fierce the competition is for a specific keyword. The phrases people search for changes just as much as emerging new features in tech. It's never a bad idea to do some keyword research and revitalization.

Promote on New Mediums

Two years ago, if you said the words "Tik Tok" what came to mind was Ke$ha's debut single from 2009. Now we're all hooked on making baked feta pasta and mimicking the dance moves of Charlie D'Amelio. New ways to digest content are constantly being developed and you can tailor old content to fit into those mediums.

Take Instagram stories and highlight reels; a feature which once seemed to be a copycat of Snapchat stories has now transformed how brands, businesses and individuals market themselves to their audience. I worked with a client last year who had literally thousands of photos that their consumers had never seen. They had one styled shoot after the next living in their shared drive that just hadn't been put to use. What we ultimately ended up doing was showcasing images from different shoots in a modern way on Instagram stories and highlighting each event into its own reel to give perspective clients a lookbook of sorts when they visited their Instagram profile.

Whether you're burnt out of fresh ideas or have some extra time to revive some old forgotten content, these tips are sure to bring your archives back to life.

*Note: This blog was originally published for eGuide Tech Allies*


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